Victoria  Gamberoni's  figures float suspended in a tapestry of soft brushstrokes;  her faces remain an elusive suggestion. The serene body of works rest beneath a dreamlike lens , with motion and presence communicated in the blend of an occasional outline. Scratches to the surface of her board together with collective painted layers lend each piece both the honesty of a drawing made in situ and the fluency of a sketch.

With awards to her name such as the Brownsword Prize and the Bath Prize and the Thales Prize and the Farrow and Ball Prize for her depiction of the The Pump Rooms in Bath she has established herself as a popular West Country artists.

Exhibitions include; One woman exhibitions at Bath Contemporary Art Gallery and an Exhibition of Flower Paintings at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

She is an Elected Member, of the Bath Society of Artists and The Armed forces Arts Society.

Recent exhibitions include One woman exhibition at Bath Contemporary Art Gallery and an Exhibition of flower paintings at The Victoria Art Galley, Bath and a joint exhibition at David Simon Gallery.


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